Where I've Been

I'm a bit wet around the ear holes when it comes to travel really. In July 2003 I traveled across SE Asia, after a quick stopover in Australia I headed over the Tasman to New Zealand. I worked for a year in New Zealand, mainly in Queenstown, on a working holiday visa and then headed off on a three-month cycle tour of both the North and South Islands

New Zealand

Arrived in NZ (pron: Eenn Zedd) 29th October 2003, I spent some time working in Auckland and travelling the North Island with Tim (on our weekend's off) before moving down to Queenstown to seek employment for the ski season. I then embarked on a brave attempt to cycle around the South Island (yes cycle), which then become both islands! Australia

Landed the 23rd of September 2003! Here I met the monkey man (Timbo), and we went to watch England vs. Samoa, 'got drunk and tried to touch girls'. Back to business as normal then!

Hong Kong

It had always been a dream of mine to go to Hong Kong, it cost me dearly when I took the chance of flying from Hong Kong, rather than Bangkok but I don't care!

Charging Through China!

My fleeting visit through China to catch a plane from Hong Kong onto Australia!

Victorous In Vietnam!

Cheap beer, cool people (not just the other tourists, I mean the locals. Just a shame you get asked if you want a motorbike every five seconds!

Linedancing in Laos!

A country that has been bombed with half a ton of explosives for every man women and child?? Now you think that they would be seriously pissed off by all this but no! Everywhere you go SABIDEE (hello!). Goddamn they are the friendliest people I've met so far! Pictures include The Plains of Jars, a brand new drinking game, Vang Viang, the most beautiful swim spot I've ever seen!

Singing in Singapore

The most sterile clean and damn expensive on the trip.. and I thought it was great!

Mr Lover Man... Sabah! (Malaysia)

Salamat Datang to Peninsula Malaysia's little brother (it also has a twin, named Sawarak, I didn't get to see)

Mayhem in Malaysia

Two big shiny towers, some beautiful islands and a great jungle.

Tanked up in Thailand!

The land of smiles and after a few Beer Chang's its hard not to!



This is a journal of my travels from my group list emails that I send out regularly! It gives the most accurate portrayal of my thoughts and experiences off the road! NOTE the cycling emails are given seperately on my cycling section of my site (coming soon).



Books? Why books? Well a good book is the solo traveller's best friend! You only have enough books to travel with when your bag wont shut and your hands are no longer free! This is a review of the books I've been given, swapped or bought along the way!


Monkey's of the World

Monkeys of the world??? I met John and Tommy in Vietnam who had started naming each populous with the most stereotypically racist, monkey title they could. It's tongue in cheek, though meant to be as offensive as possible!!


Steve's Travelling Rules

Inspired after reading McCarthy's Bar (by Pete McCarthy, see books), I've created my own list of Travelling Rules


Steve's Fav. Traveller Nation League

Who gets my vote? Is it still those friendly Norwegians that always know the way back to the guesthouse after too much whisky? Could it be the travelling Canadians who are always soooo damned enthusiastic? Found out here!