Steve’s Travelling Rules

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Inspired after reading McCarthy’s Bar (by Pete McCarthy, see books), I’ve created my own list of Travelling Rules

1. If staying in a dorm ensure NO ONE person in the dorm owns a plastic carrier bag as they WILL rustle it at 5am and pack their bag as noisily as the can (usually with the light on).

2. Always carry Imodium, especially when trekking in the jungle and when you have to sleep in a cave full of bat sh1te...

3. When getting pissed, ensure a Norwegian accompanies you home, they know the way to bed and know how to stop drinking.

4. Ensure that you do not urinate in public toilets where old Asian men that have never seen one that colour before may get excited, and do a 'George Michael' on you.

5. Aussies and Kiwi's only go to England games to cheer for the opposing team, do not be friendly to them.

6. You have to 'paint your belly to get on the telly' - T Craven, Nov. 2003

7. When pulling strange, dubious girls, do not take a photo of them you have proof of how bad they were!

.... to be continued.