'Monkeys of the World!'

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I met John and Tommy in Vietnam who had started naming each populous with the most stereotypically racist, monkey title they could. It's tongue in cheek, though meant to be as offensive as possible!!

Tommy puts the rules as 'No Order or Ryhme Or Reason, but I eventually want to collect all 227 UN countries, ethnic groups, sub-groups, religions, etc.

These are the only two unofficial official WORLD MONKEY MONIKERS to break the rule: one syllable followed by "monkey" and sounds good after "those fuckin'" ... .'

email me if you want to suggest a new monkey or challege an existing one with a better name!



Tommy the lumber-monkey (damnmonkey 1)


John the lumber-monkey (damnmonkey 2)


Me (Steve-o-) the pub/queen-monkey (damnmonkey 3)



Tommy the lumber-monkey (damnmonkey 1)


John the lumber-monkey (damnmonkey 2)


Me (Steve-o-) the pub/queen-monkey (damnmonkey 3)






1. Turdmonkeys. Anyperson, Any Country.

2. Rugmonkeys. Pakistanis

3. Bootmonkeys. Australians.

4. Hashmonkeys. Afganis.

5. Bombmonkeys. Palestinians.

6. Nukemonkeys. North Koreans.

7. Scarfmonkeys. Arabs/Saudi Arabians.

8. Gunmonkeys. Iraqi's.

9. Bathmonkeys. Turks.

10. Greasemonkeys. Greeks.

11. Fadmonkeys. Italians.

12. Surrendermonkeys. Frenchies.

13. Clogmonkeys. Dutchies.

14. Assmonkeys. Germans.

15. Snowmonkeys. Russians.

16. Beermonkeys. Czechs.

17. Puckmonkeys. Poles.

18. Icemonkeys. Swedes.

19. Littleicemonkeys. Icelanders.

20. Fishmonkeys. Finns.

21. Rockmonkeys. Norweigans.

22. Coalmonkeys. Irish.

23. Burrmonkeys. Scottish.

24. Queenmonkeys. English. (John prefers Pubmonkeys)

25. Beermonkeys. Canadians. (John and I prefer Lumbermonkeys)

26. Mallmonkeys. Americans. (John and I prefer Junkymonkeys)

27. Beanmonkeys. Mexicans.

28. Cokemonkeys. Columbians.

29. Beachmonkeys. Argentinians.

30. Junglemonkeys. Brazilians.

31. Spearmonkeys. Congonians

32. Bleachmonkeys. White South Africans.

33. Floodmokeys. Bangladeshi's.

34. Tankmonkeys. Jews.

35. Cabbagemonkeys. South Koreans

36. Noodlemonkeys. Japan. (John prefers Fishmonkeys)

37. Endangeredmonkeys. Israelite's

38. Pigeonmonkeys. Vietnemese

39. Genocidemonkeys. Cambodians









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