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Now this may seem a strange subject in travel (as I don't mean travel books) BUT regular books (note to all US citizens those are the things with words in that GWB can’t read). Books are damned essential to avoid suffering from the following;



a) cabin fever (when stuck on islands)
b) killing who ever you are travelling with when you run out of conversation
c) forgetting your on a stinky bus / train / plane going at a billion miles an hour around dangerous bends

Here are the books I've bought, swapped, stole, been given and loved whilst I've been away!
Special thanks to Jackie for 'Are You Experienced' and 'The Alchemist' (and yes I really did know what an Alchemist was before I read it!) and to Hazel for McCarthy's Bar (which the Malaysians couldn’t stop staring at me as I roared my head off on the way to Penang!)


'The Complete Novels' - George 'Happy Boy' Orwell
Happy boy, brilliant head case's finest novels including ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm’ and my 2nd fav. ‘The Clergy Mans Daughter’. Every story is cold, dark and yet moving. Kept me going for a month!
1984 is one of the finest books I’ve read, what an ending! What an impact the book made! And don’t forget… all animals are equal..


'The Alchemist' - Paulo Coelho
A really cool fable about following your dreams. That and some madness with using crystal to drink tea out of.


'Are You Experienced' - William Sutcliffe
A traveler’s essential read. The characters are all based on the type of the tosspots you meet along your travels! The main character goes to India with this girl just to try and get in her pants and soon realises he hates her!


'McCarthy's Bar' - Pete McCarthy
Pete McCarthy's mission to get as pissed as possible in pubs named McCarthy's and purchase noodles for under a tenner in West Ireland. A MUST! If you have any Irish in you or have ever been you will understand!


'Bonfire of the Vanities' - Tom Wolfe
A book swop, not my kind of book but it was very good! I've never seen the film but it has a fantastic ending! (if the only thing is the book itself is a little long


'Stupid White Men' - Michael Moore
Everybody’s favourite Canadian that bashes the yanks and is actually an American himself!
This is the book they tried to ban after the events of 11th of September. Featuring questions like; 'Are Americans dumb?' and 'Can Bush read?' (as he said his fav. childhood book was 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' published three years after he
graduated from Harvard... hmmm


'High Society' - Ben Elton
Back to form for the 'little bit farty' comedian! Sums up the problems with the UK drug culture in a novel that mixes different suffers accounts into a thrilling conclusion. I particularly like his cheeky chap Tommie character (Robbie Williams type pop idol) who gets away with murder and the public still love him!