The Didsbury Dozen 6th February 2010

5th February, 2010 – 1:19 pm

Tomorrow is our bi-annual Didsbury Dozen.  Previous years have had over 70 people in attendance (though it’s fair to say most aren’t there from the start so haven’t really *done the dozen..).

Every year I create  route guide – one because I enjoy doing it and two because it limits the number of phone calls I have to field after 8 pints of ale trying to explain where the bloody Fletcher Moss is.

Our route is by no means an authentic route – over the past nine years we’ve adapted it to account for bouncers, trainers (remember when you had to wear shoes to go to a bar!) and pub closures (West Didsbury pubs are not on the original dozen).  We’ve tried to keep it to traditional pubs, only going to the one chain pub – I’m quite proud of the route.

The elders will meet and decide when the next one is but for now you can download the Didsbury_Dozen_Feb_2010 route guide here.

Thanks to Scouse Phil for help with the text and the other elders for the route.

* It’s felt that to properly do the dozen you have to drink pints – not many people do that either!

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  2. Ale be there…boom boom!

    By Stevie on Feb 5, 2010

  3. Whoop! looking forward to it! am bringing a selection of people…

    By Nicola on Feb 5, 2010

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