The Didsbury Dozen 19th November 2011

18th November, 2011 – 1:08 pm

This is a departure from our standard route – we’re going classic.  With the reopening of Ye Olde Cock it’s *almost* possible to do a proper pub crawl in just East Didsbury again.  This is going to be controversial as a lot of people love The Metropolitan (not me!).

As we’re going back to basics I thought it would be nice to have a classic route guide too – so I found the oldest one I could and have kept the text largely the same.

The Didsbury Dozen Nov 2011 Route Guide

We’re starting at 1300hrs in the Woodstock – see you there!

The route is:

  1. The Woodstock (Barlow Moor Road)
  2. The Nelson (Barlow Moor Road) 
  3. The (Famous) Crown (Wilmslow Road)
  4. The Didsbury (Wilmslow Road)
  5. Ye Olde Cock Inn (Wilmslow Road)
  6. The Royal Oak (Wilmslow Road)
  7. Fletcher Moss (aka The Albert) (William Street) 
  8. The (John) Milson Rhodes (School Lane) 
  9. The Dog & Partridge (Wilmslow Road)
  10. The Slug & Lettuce (Wilmslow Road) 
  11. The Station (Wilmslow Road)
  12. O’Neills (Wilmslow Road) 


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