DUFFA - Didsbury Ultimate Frisbee For Amateurs

One of the largest open Ultimate Frisbee teams in Manchester. I'm the Secretary and I built this site.

It features a news page that has a content managment system to other members can upload news and a Tournament registration page that accepts payment.

The Conch's Facebook Application

I didn't write the main site but I'm currently working on the Facebook side of things. To launch Summer 2008



Personal Sites

Your at it!

Steve In America

A site displaying some of my photos from my summer in America (2002). Has information to help prospective BUNACers, and Green Tortoise travellers (tortoids). This site has a link on the main Green Tortoise site and even got an email from the Tortoises Director!!! (What a great guy!)

My First Site

Contains bad language, bad humour, bad photos and bad HTML.



Will I Make You A Site??

I've a lot of personal projects at the moment, so unless your a charity or a good friend I'm unlikely to do it, but you can always ask!