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Here are the pub crawls I've organised, compiled and/or attended.


The Didsbury Dozen

Didsbury Dozen 2006

The original and the best. As students we had heard of this mythical place called Didsbury where there were twelve magical pubs which allowed totally drunk idiots to appear for 30 minutes mess up everything and then leave. We knew we needed to do this - but how. Helped by the internet and student folklore we went.... The bus took us further south in Manchester than we had ever been before, Fallowfield had been our safe area - our oasis - we had no need to go here. What magic we found there, somewhere at the end of the #43 Magic Bus route!


About the Didsbury Dozen


Often referred to simply as 'The Dozen' is a twelve-pub pub crawl situated primarily in East Didsbury, an affluent suburb of Manchester. The Didsbury Dozens origins are often disputed - many believe it's due to there originally being only twelve pubs in the Didsbury Village - maybe it's just because it sounds nice.


Photos and Past Events


We regularly run the dozen with between 20 - 60 people attending. Here are some of the previous events - my photos are the first links

Didsbury Dozen 2007
Didsbury Dozen 2006
Didsbury Dozen 2005
Didsbury Dozen February 2007
Didsbury Dozen 2006
Didsbury Dozen 2005

The Route

There are a few variations of the route but our most commonly used one tries to avoid the more chainy bars which are increasingly replacing the traditional public houses in Didsbury Village and avoiding bouncer ego clashes with trainer clad Dozener's. Most participants normally finish the day off with a curry in the nearby Rusholme, often referred to as the 'curry mile'.
  1. The Woodstock (Barlow Moor Road)
  2. The Nelson (Barlow Moor Road)
  3. The (Famous) Crown (Wilmslow Road)
  4. The (Famous) Crown (Wilmslow Road)
  5. Ye Olde Cock Inn (Wilmslow Road)
  6. The Royal Oak (Wilmslow Road)
  7. Fletcher Moss (aka The Albert) (William Street)
  8. The (John) Milson Rhodes (School Lane)
  9. The Dog & Partridge (Wilmslow Road)
  10. The Slug & Lettuce (Wilmslow Road)
  11. The Station (Wilmslow Road)
  12. O'Neill's (Wilmslow Road)

Download the route in .pdf here

Please reference this site in any copies you produce and email me if you run your own dozen!


Didsbury Dozen Links

Myspace ~ Run by Phil this myspace has some great photos and tries to keep the dozen community feeling all year.
The Dozeners' Club ~ 'The Dozeners' Club - Incorporating Old Gentlemen of St. Anselm Drinking Society' A site run by some ex-University of Manchester students - we don't know them but I like their style!
Harry Bailey ~ This guy has a totally different route from what I've seen before! Also has an origins section which I like!

Our Next Didsbury Dozen???

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Worcester Wassail 2006

I moved to Worcester in August 2006. I loved the history and small feel of this lovely city in the West Midlands... but something was missing. Yup - A twelve pub, pub crawl. Luckily my new work colleagues shared this view and Joe come up with the name Worcester Wassail - after quietly looking up what a Wassail was I agreed. So here it is my first, original pub crawl. 2012 Will be it's eighth year and it's growing in popularity!


Photos and Past Events

We had our first Wassail in December 2005, and the second the following year 2006. It's usually timed to co-inside with Worcester Christmas Fayre and has a lovely season feeling!
Worcester Wassail Dec. 2006
Worcester Wassail Dec. 2005
Worcester Wassail December 2006
Worcester Wassail December 2005

The Route

  1. The Cap 'n' Gown
  2. The Lamb And Flag
  3. The Dragon Inn
  4. The Saracen's Head
  5. The Pig & Drum
  6. Fire Fly
  7. Swan With Two Nicks
  8. Eagle Vaults
  9. Farriers Arms
  10. Ye Olde Talbot
  11. Cardinals Hat
  12. Hero's

Download the route in format.

Please reference this site in any copies you produce and let me know how your wassail goes!

Worcester Wassail Links
Worcester Christmas Fayre ~ More about the Fayre

The Next Worcester Wassail?

Saturday 1st December, 2007


Made famous by Oz Clarke and James May's "Oz and James Drink to Britian". We've tweaked a route a friend used and made a 10 pint crawl out of it! You buy a £13.40 return from Manchester Piccadilly to Bately. Get on the 1157hrs train (you have to change at Huddersfield) and get to Batley then you're away..


The Route - Note the train times change during the year, please check them


Please check the times before you set off - they do change



We had always wanted to do a pub crawl in the City Centre so Tim's Birthday provided to opportunity!


The Route

  1. Sinclair's Oyster Bar - New Cathedral Street
  2. The Beer House - 6 Angel Street, Ancoats NOW REOPENED!
  3. The Marble Arch - 73 Rochdale Road Ancoats
  4. Bar Centro - 74 Tib Street, Northern Quarter
  5. Mr Thomas's Chop House - 52 Cross Street
  6. Town hall Tavern - 20, Tib Lane
  7. The Ape and Apple - 28 John Dalton Street
  8. The Sir Ralph Abercrombie - 35 Bootle Street
  9. (Jon) Briton's Protection - 50 Great Bridgewater Street
  10. Peveril of the Peak - 127 Great Bridgewater Street
  11. Ra!n Bar - 80 Great Bridgewater St.
  12. The Waterhouse - 67/71 Princess Street,

Download the route in .doc or .pdf

Please reference this site in any copies you produce and let me know how your Craven Crawls goes!


The Next Craven Crawl?

Unknown - perhaps never :(


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