My Professional Sites


A website for a I.T. recruitment company which specialises in the banking and investment industry. Owner has a lot of plans including their current vacancies. (NOTE :- I did not choose the colour scheme!)

My Personal Sites

Your at it!

Steve In America

A site displaying some of my photos from my summer in America (2002). Has information to help prospective BUNACers, and Green Tortoise travellers (tortoids). This site has a link on the main Green Tortoise site and even got an email from the Tortoises Director!!! (What a great guy!)

My First Site

Contains bad language, bad humour, bad photos and bad HTML.


Will I Make You A Site??

I've a lot of personal projects at the moment, so unless your a charity or a good friend I'm unlikely to do it, but you can always ask!


Friends Sites

A list of sites from my friends, some are funny, some contain photos you won't understand, all are excellent.

Simon's Fun Site

Simon's (AKA Yogi?!?!) unique take on life. Look for the photo of him and Pabe dressed up as Santa's (it was nearly XMAS and Simon thought that everyone in the union would dress up too.. why he thought this I still don't know!!)

Matt the Brummie Brum

Brum's (AKA Matt, BO, Matt-the-Brum, Brummie, BO-Brum, Bradley, ....) Some excellent photos of us lot in various night clubs, in various states in Manchester.

Chimp's Site

Tim's (AKA chimp, monk, northern monkey...) site. Will he ever finish it??



My Favourite Sites

MMMmm although I seem to spend a lot of time online, I don't seem to go anywhere in particular! Below are a few of my fav' sites

BBC News

An excellent news site.


I really can't think of any others!