Exporting MS Project 2007 Tasks to MS Excel with Indenting

26th January, 2012 – 2:12 pm

Apparently MS Project 2010 fixes this issue but I’ve often wanted to copy the tasks complete with  the indenting to Excel to provide a quick and dirty report for non-project users.


When you use copy and paste you loose the formatting – grrr!  Here is a quick and dirty solution.

  1. Insert column into Project (right click on the  grey header bar above your tasks and choose  Insert Column
  2. Select Field Name: Outline Level 
  3. Now select and copy your tasks including this column to Excel.
  4. For my formulas Col A = ID, Col B = Outline Level, Col C = task name, adjust yours accordingly!
  5. Insert in the next free column the following formula =CONCATENATE(REPT(”   “,B1-1),C1)
  6. There you go – quick and dirty as I said!
MS Project Tasks Formatted in Excel

MS Project Tasks Formatted in Excel


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