Can’t Get Out of Bed and USB cables Up or Down?

1st March, 2011 – 3:31 pm

Steve’s Time Saving and Swearing Saving Guide.

My two top tips.
1. USB Cables – ever find when you’re plugging these buggers in – particularly when you’re trying to plug them in behind the back of a PC you try it three different ways up (despite the fact there are a only two) AND IT WAS RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.

Simple solution – to get it right every time. Every single USB cable(*) has a USB logo on it – this *always* goes face up.
There you go – have probably 15 minutes of your life back.

* – on every single USB cable I own it does

2. Tip to get up in the morning. This is a bit more like self flagellation. Struggle to get up in the morning?? Take on my simple reward / fine solution.

It works like this – everytime your alarm goes off and you fail to get *straight* out of bed you fine yourself 3 minutes. This means you set your alarm the next day 3 minutes earlier. If you’re lazy a whole week that’s the alarm going off a full 15 minutes earlier – hell! You only gain a minute back a day (a reward for getting up as soon as the alarm goes off) and you only get to move the alarm as far forward as you can still humanly get to work on time still having cleaned your teeth.

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